The King’s College Theatre presents “Picasso at the Lapin Agile,” a play written by well-known comedian Steve Martin that depicts a fictional meeting between Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein.  The play had its first run between Nov. 10-13.

For those looking for a creative and exceptional performance with a few good laughs to complement the story,  the play will have a second run this week from Nov. 17-19 at 7:30p.m in the King’s theatre.

A scene performed during the rehearsal stages of production. "Photo Credit: King’s College Theatre PR"

On opening night, the play debuted with a packed house all anxious to see how these brilliant historical figures would be comical and entertaining. Within the first minute, I found myself laughing along with the audience as we began to meet the characters we gradually came to know and love.

The scene was set in 1904, Paris, inside the Lapin Agile, a quaint little dive bar that would be the meeting spot of some of the world’s greatest minds including Picasso, Einstein and a special Visitor.

Martin brings us to a simpler time in the lives of Einstein and Picasso where ideas were just ideas that were heard of, but not yet made famous. Einstein was eminent for his theory of relativity while Picasso captivated the world with his visually stunning drawn and painted pictures. Unknowingly, these men would soon change the way society saw both science and art.

In the “Notes on Picasso” provided in the play’s bill, Rachael Pompeii, a senior who plays the beautiful and witty Germaine, wrote, “Through his nostalgic visit to a simpler time when fantastic ideas were abundant and the world was waiting to be imagined, Martin helps us rediscover the excitement of creative vision, the pleasure of sitting down for a drink with friends, and the value of living in the unknown.”

The cast does an exceptional job portraying the early 1900s in a modern way and received a big applause at the end of the performance from all those who had attended.

“I was surprised at how funny the play was!” Becky Chateauneuf, senior who attended the play’s opening performance, said. “The comical and stereotypical references that were made to the work of Picasso, Einstein and the 20th century in general had me smiling throughout the play’s entirety.”

“Picasso at the Lapin Agile” is full of good fun and will have you on the floor laughing while trying to imagine Picasso and Einstein as the ridiculous artist and thinker Martin makes them out to be.

King’s Theatre Department brings a cast of 11 students to the stage, including local actors Jason Alfano, Shavertown (Pablo Picasso); Drake Nester, Emmaus (Albert Einstein); Christopher Gatpo, East Stroudsburg (The Visitor); Anthony Melf, Wilkes-Barre (Sagot), and Jonathan Vojtko, Wyoming (Freddy).

The King’s theatre is located in the Administration Building on North River Street.

Tickets are free for King’s students, faculty and staff, and $10 general admission. For more information or to reserve tickets, call the box office at (570) 208-5825 or e-mail