On Friday, August 31, the Office of College Diversity hosted a Diversity Barbecue, which consisted of an evening of music, food and fun.

The intent of the barbecue, said Nathan Ward, the director of College Diversity, was “to provide a relaxing atmosphere where participants of College Diversity can get to know one another in a free environment. Food, fun, free.”

Ward hopes that, after the barbecue, all students will gain the knowledge that the office is for everyone, not just for students of color.

“Students should come ready to learn about cultures and ethnic traditions outside of their own, and have fun doing it.”

Junior Rose Bulger attended the event and said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the BBQ and was glad that I attended. I felt it was a great way for all ethnicities to unite together. The BBQ certainly had a great turnout. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. The music, food and the casualness tied the BBQ together, making it worthwhile to stay longer. I hope that there will be more socials/events like this in the year.”

The Office of College Diversity serves to support the identity of every student at King’s. They offer many programs to highlight different student values “regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic level, cultural and ethnic backgrounds,” according to their web-page.

College Diversity groups include: the Questions & Answers Club, the IMPACT Program, the Elite Program and Eyes on Africa. More can be found about these groups online or at the Activities Fair on Friday, Sept. 7.

Other Office of College Diversity events to look forward to this year include Salsa Dancing, the PA Conference for Women, and the Diversity Fashion Show, among others.