Gibbon is ready to take over her new role as costume designer.

Gina Gibbon has been hired as the new costume shop manager and resident costume designer for the King’s Theatre department.

She said working for King’s so far has been absolutely awesome, as “It’s a dream come true.”

Gibbon didn’t always work in theatre. She studied graphic design at Luzerne County Community College, or LCCC.

While in college, however, Gibbon did break into the theater scene. She had a close friend who was an actor, so she would attend shows and hang around the theatre.

Gibbon began assisting in costume making for smaller productions, and eventually designed shows on her own. The first show she designed for completely on her own was “Mouse Trap” at The Little Theatre in Wilkes-Barre.

After she graduated LCCC, Gibbon went on to work as a graphic designer for a company called Pets United. While working there, in her spare time, she continued engaging in theatre and fashion by designing and producing costumes for Halloween and any other occasion that provided the opportunity.

Now at King’s, Gibbon loves working in the costume shop, but she does have a dream of teaching.

“Teaching something you enjoy is phenomenal,” Gibbon said.

Although she would have to return to school to get her degree to be able to teach in a classroom, Gibbon said she feels incredibly blessed just to be able to teach the students in the costume shop of the theatre.

Hayley McGuinn, sophomore, said that working with Gibbon has been great.

“She is a fresh face with amazing ideas,” McGuinn said.

McGuinn has been working in the costume shop for over a year now and she is an active member of The King’s Players. She also mentioned that she is happy to be learning skills that will come in handy outside the theatre. For example, Gibbon has taught her new techniques like fringing and scrunching.

McGuinn also said she has enjoyed working with Gibbon and designing for the theatre’s upcoming production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” because of all the bright colors and textured fabrics.

The show will be the first King’s production Gibbon has worked on. Performances will be Feb.16-19. Come out and support the King’s College Theatre this weekend.

Photo Credit: Bianca Di Paolo