The King’s Idol winner will see this Broadway musical in NYC.

Winter may be getting the best of us, but there is one thing every spring semester to make the start of our weekend a little brighter: King’s Idol.

The auditions for King’s Idol are on Feb. 3 and the first show kicksoff on Feb. 10.

King’s Idol seems to be one of the most popular events sponsored by Campus Activities. It’s a time to get out and see the talented singers you may be sitting next to in class or on your sports team.

This year the grand prize consists of a trip to New York City for the winner with three friends, a dinner at Carmine’s Restaurant, and tickets to see the Broadway show, “Jersey Boys.” Not to mention, you get to ride there in a limo!

Kathy Barber, Director of Campus Activities said that her favorite part of King’s Idol is simply watching the performances.

“It’s fun to see the students get excited and perform,” she said.

Barber also said that there would be a few changes to the competition this year.

While in past years, students were able to pick any song they liked for the last round, this year, there will be two songs selected by the King’s Idol committee for each student to sing.

The committee is made up of staff associated with the program, as well as a few of the judges.

Still the same, contestants will eagerly await to hear the next round’s genre. The genres have already been selected and set before the competition begins.

Sarah Scinto, junior, was a King’s Idol contestant last year and is excited for the competition to begin again.

“Right now, I’m just hoping to get back in,” Scinto said.

Her favorite part is being back stage with everyone and even though they’re all competitors, they all support each other and cheer each other on.

Scinto plans on singing “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green for her audition.

Cathy Ortolani, junior, said she can’t either. She participated the past two years and is excited to see the new judges and students participating this year.

“It gives me something to look forward to,” Ortolani said.

Her favorite part is performing and watching all of her fellow competitors perform their songs.

“It’s just an extremely exciting part of the year,” Ortolani said.

Each week after the performances, students and staff can vote for their favorites on Communi-K. Idol concludes on April 20th, so come out and support your friends and class mates all semester long!