The King’s Student Alumni Assocation helped welcome alumni and current students during Homecoming.
Image from King’s College Twitter

Homecoming weekend is always a highly anticipated event for King’s College alumni and current students alike. This year, the traditions continued, and the campus environment was pumped with excitement, unity, and a sense of school pride.

Friday night brought the Homecoming festivities to campus. “Pints with Professors” allowed alumni to interact with the school’s current crop of professors. As in year’s past, “Pints” had a casual feel. Attendees were treated to a great food selection, live instrumental music, and, of course, an impressive amount of beer and wine choices.

As “Pints with Professors” was held in Regina Court, the 2nd Annual Block Party was happening on a temporarily closed-off Jackson Street. At the event, students participated in a number of games and activities, with music from the King’s community and a Homecoming theme serving as a backdrop. The Homecoming King and Queen, Christopher Fazzini and Alexa Danko, were crowned onstage, and Ryan Quinn, a contestant on Season 10 of “The Voice,” delivered a powerhouse set of music to close the night.

Fazzini was honored to wear the crown, and emphasized the networking that needs to happen in order to receive the honor. “Being named Homecoming King just makes me realize how unbelievanble the support network I have here at King’s really is,” Fazzini said.

Saturday was the headlining day of the weekend, and most of the action happened at the Betzler Athletic Complex. As King’s battled it out with Lycoming on the football field, the alumni tent was the site where, naturally, alumni from all eras came together to celebrate their school’s past, present, and future.

Nick Rotondo, a member of the Class of 2017, was happy to return to the school he graduated from just a few months ago. “It’s great to be back at King’s, after three or four months not being at King’s, missing it dearly, and seeing everyone that I missed,” said Rotondo, before admitting, “It’s almost like I never left.”

Another 2017 graduate, Krystal Szerszen, echoed Rotondo’s thoughts, and saw the opportunity to reconnect as one of the highlights of the experience. “With my friends that I haven’t seen for a few months, we picked up right where we left off,” she said in reference to the special feeling that comes with being amongst the alumni.

Coming from a slightly different perspective were the comments of Paul Murphy from the class of 1973. Murphy looked back, and acknowledged the esteem that comes from being a King’s College graduate: “It’s nice to see all my old friends, and all of the other graduates, who have made a significant contribution to society. Not only locally, but nationally.”

As the football game ended, unfortunately with a heartbreaking King’s loss, and the alumni tent party began to break up, the graduates from 1967, 1977, and 1992 went to their respective class celebrations back on campus. The rest of the alumni were invited to attend a separate reunion in Regina Court later in the evening.

On Sunday, a special mass honoring the Class of 1967 closed out the festivities. The golden anniversary graduates in attendance were presented with Golden Monarch pins, as is the tradition with such classes. After mass, the weekend events ended with a farewell reception in the Moreau Auditorium.

Homecoming weekend once again proved to be a successful endeavor for all those involved. Regardless of what class they represent, the proud status that comes with being a King’s College graduate becomes validated each and every year by those who have achieved it themselves.