King’s College welcomes the freshmen during Orientation.
Image from King’s College Twitter

It is a strange feeling to begin a new adventure. Many emotions surface, including stress, fear, excitement and worry. I think back on my high school experience. I woke up, got ready, got in my dad’s truck, and was driven to school. My dad teaches at the high school I attended, so we carpooled. There, I attended nine forty-minute classes with handfuls of the members of my graduating class of one hundred eighty people.

Now I am waking up much earlier, getting ready at a much quicker pace, and driving myself thirty minutes to school. Here, I attend fifty minute or seventy-five minute classes and am a part of the largest freshman class in King’s College history.

I never considered myself a record breaker. After all, I can’t eat a ridiculous number of hot dogs under five minutes or run a marathon in five minutes, so hearing of my class’ importance to the school’s record books is baffling to me. I underestimated the six hundred twenty-five other fellow students that also call King’s College their home. It is all quite surreal to look back and realize my class could be in future history books.

Going through my day at college, however, does not feel that much different from high school, with the exception of different class times and the people. My first day of my freshman year, I shared an elevator with a stranger. As the elevator doors opened, he told me to have a nice day. I feel honored to attend a school that welcomes and sends polite students out into the world. Kind words are needed in the world, especially on someone’s first day of a new journey.

Looking around on campus, one does not really notice the six hundred first-year students meandering through the courtyards. I know I did not. The only time I considered the immense number of students was when it came time to park my car.

As I was picking up my hang tag, campus security reminded me to be sure to arrive early so that I could park in the allotted commuter lots. I make sure to follow their advice every day, even if I do not have a morning class. Anytime I consider sleeping in and leaving later, I think of my friend’s parking horror story. On the second day of school, she arrived at nine o’ clock and was redirected to a gravelly area that is not-really-a-parking-lot-but-has-to-be-a-parking-lot-today and almost arrived late to class. Even with the unexpected parking crisis, King’s was ready and fixed it immediately.

Aside from many changes, the adjustment has been smooth. I had expected homework loads to be heavier and classes to be more difficult, but the homework is manageable and the classes are both a balance of ease and challenge. The teachers take concepts I had a difficult time picking up in high school and make them into something as simple as two plus two. Going into education myself, I am eager to follow their easily understandable teaching styles and their willingness to help.

Stepping on campus and beginning to attend classes and interacting with other classmates proved to me that King’s College and I are a perfect match. I hope they continue to be blessed with record-number classes so that students can experience the kindness and joy I experience everyday.