Election day is inevitably creeping up on America. The presidential debates have finally started to take place, and many students at King’s College sat in the Burke Auditorium Sept. 28 to watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go head-to-head about issues that affect Americans on a national level every day.

Some students expected to see a civil and composed debate amongst the two candidates, but others expected the opposite.

“I knew this debate would be full of energy. Both candidates have heavily fixed views,” said one of the event attendees.

Some students felt the debate abandoned any sign of decency, which did not leave room for serious discussion of the issues. One of the students even expressed their dissatisfied opinion about this first debate.

“Decorum was thrown out the window within 15 minutes.”

And though most major news outlets declared Hillary Clinton the victor and pointed out that she receieved a bump in the polls, some viewers weren’t so sure there was a winner.

One student commented that, “There was no clear ‘winner’ or result.”

A large quantity of the students seem to have held a belief that this debate was simply a squabbling fest.

However, some students did put forth an argument as to why they believed a certain candidate performed better than the other.

“Trump did an excellent job bringing up NAFTA, as well as the Iran deal, both of which I believe to be terrible,” said one of the many Trump supporters at the event.

However, quite a few Democrats were in attendance as well, and one young man was adamant that Hillary Clinton came out on top.

“Hillary was much more descriptive when answering questions. Trump tends to be vague, and not doesn’t explain how he plans to go about a certain issue,” he said.

The vice presidential debate between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence was held on Oct. 4, but the second presidential debate will be held on Oct. 9 at Washington University in St. Louis.