Image from Reaper’s Revenge in Scranton is one of the many Halloween attractions in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
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Reaper’s Revenge in Scranton is one of the many Halloween attractions in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Autumn has officially arrived and it is finally time to participate in annual Halloween festivities. Northeastern Pennsylvania has a variety of haunted attractions that will meet any desire for an exciting, fright-filled night. Here are a few must-see attractions.


Gravestone Manor, Wilkes Barre

Gravestone Manor is more than just the average haunted house. This attraction is similar to a play. Instead of just viewing the attraction, the audience joins the cast and travels through the frightful setup. This display offers an original perspective for the audience and creates a whole new category of horror by including attraction goers in a unique and lifelike nightmare. Gravestone Manor’s staff is entirely volunteers and all proceeds benefit The United Way of Wyoming Valley, so your short-lived nightmare benefits a worthy cause.


Reaper’s Revenge, Scranton

Reaper’s Revenge is a haunted attraction that consists of 60 acres of land dedicated entirely to making terrors come alive. The local haunt includes a haunted hayride, dark forest, a pitch-black forest, and zombie apocalypse maze. By venturing into the unknown of this attraction, scare seekers are chased and taunted by the deranged inhabitants of Reaper’s Revenge. This terrifying treat offers up to 90 minutes of scare time that leaves each goer shaking in fear for spirit of Halloween.


Fear Hollow, Mountain Top

Fear Hollow includes two attractions, Mayhem on the Mountain and the Deadwoods Haunted Trail. Mayhem on the Mountain is an interactive, walk through haunted house that sets the mood for a night filled with dread. Each room in this house has a different set and terrifying story that forces the viewer to continue along the nightmarish path.

The end of Mayhem on the Mountain marks the beginning of the Deadwoods Haunted Trail. The trail winds through the dense forest of Mountain Top. Attraction goers are chased along the haunted trail and only provided shelter in sinister shacks. Fear Hollow offers the perfect nightmare for anyone seeking a lifelike haunt.