Editor’s Note: Every year, The Crown likes to acknowledge its graduating seniors and give them an opportunity to say their farewells. We would like to thank Tara and Brittany for all their positivity and hard work, and we wish them the best of luck in the future!


Image courtesy of Tara Zdancewicz
Image courtesy of Tara Zdancewicz

Well, I already started crying as I type out the words, “Senior Farewell.” Four years have come and gone so quickly, and I cannot believe I will finally have to enter the real world.

King’s College has been such a wonderful place that has truly made me into the writer that I am. I cannot thank The Crown enough for shaping my voice and allowing me to review wonderful works of film and theater.

When I began writing for the newspaper as a junior, I was planning on going to graduate school to get my master’s degree in literature. I had always loved film, but I did not see myself making a future out of it. Now, as a graduating senior (here come more tears) I look forward to my future at Boston University, where I will be obtaining my master’s degree in film and television studies.

I have The Crown to thank for giving me two wonderful years of experience in writing reviews of some terrible, but mostly lovely, movies. Hopefully, I will get to continue to write reviews, perhaps first at Boston University and then next at The Boston Globe? Wherever I end up, I am very thankful for the wonderful experiences that I was given at King’s College and The Crown.

I would like to specifically thank Stephanie Zedolik, the impressively busy editor of our publication. I will never forget when I wanted to get involved with the newspaper as a junior and I meant to email Steph, “Hello, my name is Tara Zdancewicz. This might sound funny but I have no clue how to get involved with The Crown and I really want to.” However, I was more focused on the Dairy Queen blizzard that I was eating and I sent the premature email saying, “Hello, my name is Tara Zdancewicz. This might sound funny…” So, thank you, Steph, for allowing me to become Entertainment Manager during my senior year even though I sometimes sound funny.

I would also like to thank two very important professors that shaped my writing and love for film. To Dr. McClinton-Temple, thank you for allowing me to choose Leonardo Dicaprio as my topic for a semester-long writing course. Without this course, who knows if I would have watched so many wonderful films starring the blue-eyed wonder? (We both know the answer is that I would have.)

Also, thank you to Dr. O’Connor for shaping my writing as well as showing me wonderful things about literature, feminism and film.

I am completely terrified about graduating from King’s College. The real world seems scary and it is frightening to think about. However, the experience and memories I gained from working at The Crown help to subside that fear and I truly feel prepared for what lies ahead.