Possibly the most anticipated film of the year, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” was finally released, and the film has created an incredible divide. However, this is not the divide that one would expect.

While most would assume that split would be between which DC superhero would win the out-of-this-world fight, the divide is ultimately between critics and audiences.

Critics are condemning this film as trash, and general audiences are loving the action between two beloved superheroes. I fall somewhere in between.

I did not think that this film was worthy of any awards, but I also did not think I wasted the 9 dollars that I spent.

When news first broke that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman, everyone became a critic. I said it then, and I will still say it now: Affleck is an incredible actor with unexpected range and charisma. I thought he was an excellent choice to play the aging Batman, and his take on the superhero was a fresh change from Christian Bale’s version.

Henry Cavill was just as insanely attractive in this film as Superman as he was in “Man of Steel.” He was also just as mediocre in the role.

This film introduced two new characters into the Gotham  and Metropolis hybrid world. Gal Gadot starred as Wonder Woman, and she was excellent in the brief screentime she had. Finally, a female superhero has entered into the cinematic superhero world that has become so popular in my generation.

Jesse Eisenberg played the psychotic intellectual Lex Luther. At first I thought I would just be watching an evil Mark Zuckerberg, but I was pleasantly surprised with the refined craziness that Eisenberg brought to the character.

My biggest issue with the film was the lack of complexity in the storytelling. There is nothing I hate more than a film that implements twists and turns just to be complex. With that being said, story lines made in the film must have a legitimate background and this is possibly where “Batman v Superman” fell the most short.

For example, Lex Luther just hates Superman, seemingly for no real reason. The film seems to hint that it is due to Superman’s god-like qualities, but the backstory is relatively weak. Luther sure goes to a lot of trouble to try and kill Superman just because he doesn’t like the guy. Also, (SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT) Batman and Superman stop fighting for the sole reason that their mothers have the same first name: Martha. How common is Martha?

I felt like the writers couldn’t think of a better way to put the superheroes on the same side, and the Martha route was a feeble attempt at making a connection between Batman and Superman.

While I don’t agree with critics or general audiences completely, I give this film a major “MEH” and I do appreciate that it is setting up a Justice League film as well as a solo Wonder Woman movie. I view “Batman v Superman” as the necessary stepping stone to get to something way better. This movie was the prepubescent middle school of this story, and Justice League will be the film where the acne goes away.