Image courtesy of Cynthia Post
Image courtesy of Cynthia Post

The lights dim in the auditorium as you hear little feet make their way across the stage. Suddenly, the curtain opens; the smiling faces light up the stage brighter than fireworks on the fourth of July. The children sit in eager anticipation as a sunflower takes the stage and the story of Carrie Flower comes to life.

The story began to take root in 2010, when Cynthia Post created and published the original Carrie Flower stories with the assistance of her daughter Kirby Brislin. Through Post’s life experiences and Brislin’s artistic collaboration, Carrie was created.

Carrie Flower is a bright and beautiful sunflower whose adventures help educate children on important life lessons such as tolerance and living a positive and healthy life. Since the story’s creation, Post has been trying to bring the positive message of Carrie Flower to as many children as possible.

“The best part of this labor of love is working and interacting with children about subjects that usually aren’t discussed,” Post said. “They get it; they understand. Even kids as young as three respond with concern and compassion.”

Post has teamed up with the Rich Soil Alliance and the Kids Innovating Stage and Sound, or KISS Theatre to reach out to many local resources to help teach young children up to third grade how to live a healthy life.

Rich Soil Alliance is a non-profit organization that provides the tools and education to improve the lives of children and their families. They have brought Carrie Flower’s message to children through readings and workshops in schools and other places. Through this organization, the story of Carrie Flower will have a chance to bloom with the help of the KISS Theatre.

KISS Theatre is a nonprofit performing arts organization in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania whose mission is to educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of young people through the arts of theatre, dance, and song. The company will be producing the stage adaption of Post’s book “Carrie Flower Blossoms Before Your Eyes!” to help teach children about following positive life practices, such as eating healthy, smiling and caring for loved ones.

For more information on show times for the Carrie Flower production, contact the Kiss Theatre company at (570) 829-1901 or by emailing