// KC Mini Thon
// KC Mini Thon

The annual KC Mini-THON has become a highly anticipated event that the King’s College community fondly participates in. And, this year, Mini-THON is attempting to fundraise less in order to get more from the popular charity event.

You may wonder how it’s possible to donate less to get more.

It’s simple – in an attempt to get more participation, a student-led fundraising effort at King’s College decreased its cost to participate in order to increase participation. The decision to decrease particpation costs is intended to be more accommodating to students who are interested in participating.

The 3rd annual King’s College Mini Thon will be held on March 18th 2016 from 6pm to 12 am. Aside from decrease in time from 12 to six hours, Individual fundraising has also changed from $100 to $60. All proceeds from Mini Thon benefit the Four Diamonds Fund, a childhood cancer organization.

Fellow King’s student and 2015 Mini Thon Dancer, Jonathan Larralde explains that the decrease in individual fundraising can be seen positively instead of as a setback.

“I would hope by lowering the cost that more people will be able to get involved with this event,” Larralde said. “I also hope that more people getting involved means more money for cancer research and more lives saved,” Larralde says.

Funds raised by the organization assist children treated at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital as well as their families through superior care, comprehensive support and innovative research. It also covers 100 percent of patient’s bills that are not covered by insurance companies.

Larralde said THON particpants have a great impact on the lives of families dealing with childhood cancer.

“The college community can make it easier for these families by donating money to fund treatments and find cures,” Larralde said. “There is always a reason to fight and by donating you are helping a child fight a battle so they can lead a normal and fruitful life afterwards.”

Since it’s inception, KC Mini-THON has raised thousands of dollars for the Four Diamonds Fund.

During the first annual King’s College Mini-THON, the King’s College community raised at least $30,021.76 blowing their intended goal of $10,000 out of the water.

The second THON that King’s held, at least $22, 408.00 was raised.

In total, King’s has raised at least $52, 429.76 over the last two years, and hopes to raise more money this year.

Larralde describes donating as putting “spending into perspective,” and “that there is so much money wasted on insignificant things that can go to this bigger and better cause.”

Donating to this cause can be so rewarding. Not only are the events held to raise the money exciting and fun, but also knowing the money is going to a child who desperately needs it is fulfilling and makes it all worthwhile.

“People should put themselves in the shoes of the families and people that this event will help significantly and realize that it’s not easy for these families,” Larralde said.

For more information on fundraising, contact the King’s College Mini Thon advisor, Dr. Sunny Weiland at sunnyweiland@kings.edu.