Dear Stephanie Zedolik,


I am writing to you in regards to Friday’s (February 5) article in The Crown, “Pro-Life Flag Display and Table Has Students Talking.” The article does not accurately represent the views of the Knights of Columbus, and paints an unfair characterization of our strategy to raise consciousness regarding abortion.

As Grand Knight of the organization at King’s, I wish that I had been contacted by the author of the article.  It is my responsibility to represent what the Knights of Columbus stand for and provide clarification for how our activities are depicted.

I think that the article did not accurately portray the Knights of Columbus and our intention in holding this consciousness-raising event.  First, it would have been helpful if the article presented a response from the Knights to the claims made by Krystal Szerszen.

Second, the official position of the Knights of Columbus, the magisterial teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, was not presented.  The Catholic tradition teaches that abortion is a grave moral evil and that political advocacy to seek to end abortion is a moral duty.

As Knights, we were present to raise consciousness about the widespread nature of abortion and to promote prayer for the elimination of abortion due to the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death.

Third, the Crown further published two op-ed pieces that both expressed disagreement with aspects of the Knights of Columbus’ event. The Crown would have better served the College community by soliciting an opinion piece from me or from the Knight’s Chaplain to provide another perspective.

Fourth, the Knights were not given an opportunity to respond to the characterization of the emails leading up to Friday’s display as “fun” and therefore inappropriate.  The content of the emails, I believe, did not suggest anything of that nature.  The emails were neutral in content and were simply sent out so as to build a sense of interest.

As head of the Knights on this campus, I feel that this newspaper did not accurately depict who the Knights are and what our display on January 22nd was about.

The purpose of this letter is to explain the Knights’ actions and clarify our position.

In addition, the Knights of Columbus chose not to respond to the reactions posted on social media because we did not deem it an appropriate medium for a reasoned and accurate exchange of ideas.

I feel that an article in the paper could have been an effective response from the Knights if more members of the organization, including myself had been contacted. Proper information would eliminate inaccurate responses and contacting the heads of the organization would give The Crown proper information.




Christopher D’Amico, Grand Knight


Editor’s Note:

I sincerely appreciate Mr. D’Amico taking the time to write and explain the Knights of Columbus’s position on abortion and to contextualize the Jan. 22 table and flag display.
The intent of the article was to report, in an objective manner, student responses to the Jan. 22 Knights of Columbus display. The views of the students expressed in the article are their own. The article is not intended, nor did it claim, to be an official response – it is simply an account of student reactions and discussions.
The opinion pieces published in the Feb. 5 issue were only two of multiple articles with similar concerns that students were interested in writing. The two in the issue were chosen because they offered different interpretations and came from authors who hold different opinions on the issue of abortion – one author is pro-life, the other pro-choice.
Those interested in writing op-eds are certainly welcome to do so, though the Crown reserves the right to reject op-eds that are not professional. The views of op-ed writers are solely the views of the authors, and not the views of the Crown.