Image from KC Mini-THON Facebook // Captains from KC Mini-THON 2015 reveal the amount of money raised for the Four Diamonds Fund.
Image from KC Mini-THON Facebook //
Captains from KC Mini-THON 2015 reveal the amount of money raised for the Four Diamonds Fund.

Don’t sleep, don’t sit, and just dance with the students of King’s College as they participate in six hours of non-stop movement to overpower childhood cancer.

Four Diamond Mini-THONs are fun-filled, interactive events led by students, inspiring leadership, teamwork and creativity to help fight cancer. Mini-THONs are modeled after the Penn State Dance Marathon, and have been making a difference in the lives of young cancer patients for more than 20 years.

King’s College (KC) Mini-THON is a yearlong fundraising and awareness campaign. On March 18, 2016 in the Scandlon Gymnasium, King’s students will participate in the six-hour for the fight against pediatric cancer.

Since 2014, KC Mini-THON has raised over $52,000 for the Four Diamonds Fund. The goal of this year’s THON is to raise $35,000, which would exceed the amount raised each year.

Business donations play a large role in providing for THON. Mini-THON acquires business donors strictly by the King’s College THON hospitality and fundraising committees going to businesses and asking for donations.

“Over the years, we have found the businesses that are willing to help us out usually tend to come back year after year,” said Leah Zumchak, hospitality co-captain.

The donations that KC Mini-THON has received in the past have been that of food and monetary means.

“Some businesses donate a few muffins while others donate multiple trays of pizza. Truthfully, every little bit helps and we always appreciate anything that comes our way,” said Zumchak.

KC Mini-THON participants must raise a minimum of $60, while captains and committee members must raise $120 in fundraising. The business donors are one of the most important parts of KC Mini-THON in regards to fundraising for the event.

“Their donations fuel us to keep fighting for the kids and give us added boosts to motivate everyone. The generosity is amazing and we are truly lucky with how many businesses would actually like to be involved,” stated Zumchak.

Business donors also let Mini-THON committee members place a collection can at the register of their restaurant, encouraging customers to help fundraise the event.

Over 188 schools and 30,000 students participate in Mini-THON, and with the help of business donations, King’s College is proud to be one of those schools. Business donors may seem to play a small role when it comes to raising money for pediatric cancer, but without their help, King’s College wouldn’t be able to host a Mini-THON.

“KC Mini-THON loves our donors!” said Zumchak, and King’s College loves helping those in need.