Let me start by saying that I did not think this film was going to be funny.

I had all intentions of going to see the critically acclaimed, Oscar nominated film, “Carol.” However, the theaters that were in 100 miles of me were not yet showing the film, starring Cate Blanchett. Having seen most of the films that were in at the local movies, I was left with slim options and my friends all wanted to see the new, supposedly raunchy comedy, “Dirty Grandpa.” I obliged and we attended the 9:50 p.m. showing of the film.

Starring Robert De Niro as the filthy grandfather and Zac Efron as the uptight grandson, the film told the story of a grandfather trying to simultaneously grieve his dead wife and reconnect with his grandson by means of a sex and drug filled trip to Daytona Beach.

The main reason I agreed to see this film was the fact that it starred Robert De Niro. In my opinion, he is the most versatile and beloved actor of all time. He not only excelled in dramatic roles like “Deer Hunter” and “Goodfellas,” but he also showed off his comedic prowess in films like “Meet the Parents” and “Meet the Fockers.”

However, the writers of this film did not create any humorous lines for De Niro to work his magic on. They simply made him say things that were completely vulgar for the sake of being vulgar while standing next to a shirtless Zac Efron.

Speaking of Efron, he didn’t do much either. Despite a scene that lovers of the “High School Musical” franchise will appreciate, Efron was pretty much there to look hot. He was either shirtless or wearing clothes that seemed to be tighter than his skin. Not that I minded, but I am sure that Efron has more to offer as an actor than just being hot.

The biggest issue that I had with the film is that it tried to be somewhat touching. Seeing my favorite actor, well in his 70s, masturbate, was not touching to me. Any hint of heartfelt matter in the film was completely undercut by the vulgar and borderline offensive jokes that were made. I feel like the writers were pretty lazy when they wrote the screenplay. “Hey let’s throw an expletive there and a penis joke here.” I was bored.

“Dirty Grandpa” promised to be a raunchy, good time. I got raunchy but I really didn’t have that good of a time. What good is raunchiness without being funny? It’s like veggie dip without the veggies; ultimately pretty pointless and annoying.