If you’re looking for something new and exciting to experience on King’s campus, look no further than the upcoming King’s College Dance Recital. The recital will be a fun opportunity to see a different side of your classmates as they take the stage to perform.

Students from different backgrounds, majors and sports teams will come together to perform in a dance show as their final project for ballet and jazz dance classes.

Students from the dance classes will perform pieces they have been working on throughout the fall semester. Many students have little to no experience with dancing or performing, so the recital is a great opportunity to see what they were able to accomplish in such a short time.

John Erdmann, a student in the jazz dance class, has no previous dance experience. His lack of experience did not prevent him from learning something in the class.

“The class has helped me a lot with knowing dance moves, and it has also given me a better understanding of dance,” Erdmann said.

King’s College students are required to take a class in the fine arts, and they are fortunate to have the option to take dance classes, as they have the opportunity to work with talented instructors.

The professors working with the King’s students are Sean and Jennifer Harris, owners of the Joan Harris Centre in Luzerne. Jennifer teaches the ballet class, and Sean teaches the jazz class. They have been working with King’s College and its Theatre Department for the past 11 years, and these dance shows have been produced every semester.

In addition to the large group pieces, the jazz dance class is broken up into smaller groups. Students in these groups worked on their own pieces to perform in the show as their final project for the class.

Sean Harris said his favorite part about doing these shows is the creativity of the students.

“I am always surprised and entertained by what the students come up with for their pieces,” Harris said.

Though students earned credits for taking the class, credits are not the only takeaway for students. Dance is also a great way to release stress, exercise and help build confidence. In addition to helping Erdmann better understand dance, Erdmann said the class has helped improve his self-image.

“This class has helped me with self-confidence and has made me more proud of myself,” Erdmann said.

Watching the live dance performance gives students an opportunity to experience what the course is like and the things they will learn.

“In addition to seeing your peers perform on stage, many of whom are performing for the first time, you also will be supporting the arts,” Sean Harris said. “Any students that might be interested in studying a dance class at King’s can get a good idea of how the course is run.”

In addition to supporting fellow their Monarchs, Erdmann said students who attend the performance can also see the benefits that can be gained from dancing.

“It’s good to show some support for your fellow classmates as well as bring attention to dance and how it helps people, both physically and as a form of therapy,” Erdmann said.

The dance show will take place in the Burke Auditorium on Thursday Dec. 10 at 3:30 pm, but doors will be opened at 3. It is open to the public and is usually a packed house, so do not be afraid to get there early for a good seat!