Angela Coco//The Crown King’s students will be able to evaluate their college experience in the King’s College Student Staisfaction Survey.
Angela Coco//The Crown
King’s students will be able to evaluate their college experience in the King’s College Student Staisfaction Survey.

King’s College students have a new avenue through which they can share what their college experiences have been like. With the launch of the King’s College Student Satisfaction Survey, Monarchs will be able to tell the administration directly what it is that the college is doing well and what needs improvement.

Corry Unis, vice president of enrollment management at King’s College, said the survey, sent via student email, will allow students to be active participants in improving the King’s College experience.

“We are a student-centered college, and at the root of every decision we make, from the top down, it has to be what’s in the students’ best interest,” Unis said. “The only way we can find that out is if the students tell us.”

The college has had satisfaction surveys prior to this year. However, those surveys were usually specific to one department, such as dining services. This is the first time the college is utilizing a comprehensive survey that will enable students to share their experiences from their first year to their senior year.

“We needed  an instrument on campus that allows us to understand the things that we do really well, and the things that may made need improvement,” Unis said.

Enrollment management has worked with research partner Human Capital Research Corporation for years, and the organization helped design questions for the survey. The Human Capital Research Corporation is a well known quantitative and qualitative research team that specializes in behavioral economics.

Unis said working with the research team helped develop questions that can be looked at in two different ways. First, the questions will help the college determine what they can tangibly do to affect the student experience. Second, the questions are designed in such a way that they allow the college to look at trends over multiple year averages.

This is the first year for the survey, but Unis said the college envisions the survey as an annual occurrence that will happen around the same time each year. This will allow the collected data to be studied over a long period of time, and it will allow the college administration to monitor changes in student satisfaction.

“We need to know what the student experience is truly like,” Unis said. “We don’t want to be tone deaf. We want to know how well we’ve performed, because the experience of students is paramount to the success of enrollment. As we try to continue to live the mission of the college and find new students to recruit and join our family, we want to be sure we’re paying attention to the current trends and what the students’ experiences are like. “

Unis said information collected from the survey will be used for analyses in multiple areas. The president and each of the vice presidents of the college will receive the results, which will be broken down by different departments. The survey will help administrators know if service is good or needs to be improved in specific areas, such as financial aid, and will help the college  meet students’ needs and grow.

“I can assure any student who takes the time to fill out the survey that the data  that comes back to us will be used in a constructive manner here at the college,” Unis said.

The satisfaction survey is the newest of the varied methods students are able to voice their opinions, and they are encouraged to fill it out and share their feedback.

“We want students to continue to go through student government and letters to the editor in the Crown,” Unis said. “But if students really want us to be aware of something, this is the survey to let us know. And it’s important for students to tell us what they love about the school, because we can make good things even better. “

The Student Satisfaction Survey will run until Dec.  3. In order to be eligible for prizes such as an iPad, iTunes gift card and book store gift cards, students need to complete the survey by Dec. 3. The first 250 students who complete the survey will receive a free coffee, hot chocolate, or jumbo cookie from Connerton’s or Susquehanna.