Brandi Kultys//The Crown Brianne Talocka is October’s Intern of the Month.
Brandi Kultys//The Crown
Brianne Talocka is October’s Intern of the Month.

Many King’s students are exploring potential careers through fall internships. One such intern is Brianne Talocka.

Brianne is a senior with majors in English Literature and Mass Communications as well as a minor in Neuroscience. She has been interning at ABC’s The Chew which is located in New York. The Chew focuses on food-related and lifestyle topics.

She credits her experience at King’s for helping prepare her for her internship.

“King’s has prepared me  for this experience by providing me with resources, such as course work and faculty members, that furthered my knowledge of the communications industry,” Talocka said. “King’s has taught me skills that I was able to apply at my internship.”

Brianne is enjoying the experience and says that “it’s going well.” Brianne said “she loves every aspect of the experience and that she’s learning a lot.”

One of her favorite parts of the internship is learning new things and being with other interns. One of the best things about interning at ABC she says is “that they usually hire their interns.”

While she’s enjoying the experience so far she does not plan to pursue it after she graduates.

Brianne does have some advice for people trying to get internships at ABC or other news stations. She said that you should go to and set up a profile as well as submit a resume for any internship they find appealing.

Finally she said, “major television studios usually look for prior internship experience, so students should try to get an internship with their town’s local TV station before applying because it will give them an edge.”

Good luck from the Crown, Brianne!