Wow, what a regular season we had!

Nearly every single team made trades at the trade deadline, with wild pennant races in both leagues, and now we have a postseason for the ages looming upon us.

Only four of the ten teams who made the playoffs a year ago have returned this year. The rest are up to show the world who they are.


NL Division Series


Chicago Cubs/Pittsburgh Pirates @ St. Louis Cardinals.

If the Pirates defeated the Cubs in the Wild Card Game on Wednesday evening, I think they will be able to beat the Cardinals because they have more positional talent and speed.

I also think the Pirates have the best outfield and bullpen in the National League.

The Cardinals have found many ways to win in the past, but I think that magic runs out against Pittsburgh.

 If the Pirates defeated the Cubs on Wednesday, Pirates in 5.

If the Cubs won, I think the Cardinals jump out to an early lead in their series, because Cy Young contender Jake Arrieta pitched on Wednesday night, and he wouldn’t pitch until Game 3 at the earliest.

I think the Cards should take care of business if they beat the Cubs.

If the Cubs defeated the Pirates on Wednesday, Cardinals in 4.



New York Mets @ Los Angeles Dodgers

This is going to be an incredible series.

Both teams have talented rotations, elite closers and star-studded lineups.

The Mets have had an incredible year so far after trading for Yoenis Cespedes and bench players Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson, despite losing five of their last six games entering the playoffs.

The Dodgers have the best one-two punch in a pitching rotation since Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte for the Astros in the mid-2000s.

I am rooting for the Mets and I’m trying to find a way the Mets can beat the Dodgers. I don’t see it.

Dodgers in 5.


National League Championship Series


Dodgers vs. Cardinals/Pirates:

Regardless who wins the battle between N.L. Central teams, I think this is the year the Dodgers finally solve their World Series drought as aces Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke overwhelm these bats.

Dodgers in 6 if they play the Cardinals. Dodgers in 7 if they play the Pirates.


American League Playoffs


New York Yankees/Houston Astros vs. Kansas City Royals:

Both the Yankees and Astros were teams that were not supposed to play in the Wild Card Game at the start of the season.

Give credit to both teams for finding ways to win games with power, but they are no match for Kansas City’s pitching.

Royals in 4, regardless who won the Wild Card Game last Tuesday.


Texas Rangers vs. Toronto Blue Jays:

Both teams enter the playoffs red hot.

At the trade deadline, Texas acquired Phillies ace Cole Hamels, while Toronto traded for elite shortstop Troy Tulowitzki while shoring up their bullpen.

I think the Rangers, with playoff experience, stun the Blue Jays in a five-game series.

Blue Jays in 5.


American League Championship Series


Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals: