Image courtesy of Anders Larson Anders Larson, a staff writer for the "Crown," and his mother.
Image courtesy of Anders Larson
Anders Larson, a staff writer for the “Crown,” and his mother.

I was happy to get involved with the “Crown” my senior year at King’s. Writing for a school-based newspaper was always something that I wanted to do, and I finally took up the opportunity to do it this September working as a staff writer.

I’ve always had a strong affinity for writing, with a hobbyist focus in creating fictional short stories that depict family, friends and significant others in oftentimes hilarious and unrealistic circumstances. This was my first experience writing non-fiction for a newspaper, and it was excellent.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the small “Crown” team. They never ceased to impress me with what they were able to pull together for the next issue, despite the little manpower that we had at points. I particularly enjoyed being assigned to cover stories that required me to attend an event and speak with people as a means to get their genuine input/opinions on whatever the matter was. Speaking with others one-on-one has always been something that I enjoyed, and reporting for the “Crown” allowed me to do more of this.

My father was a journalism major in college and is a strong writer, and my grandfather published two books on his experiences in World War II. I like to think that these guys have passed on this skill to me, and that they would be proud of my writing accomplishments.

I’d like to offer a special “thank you” to Stephanie Zedolik for always being a proponent of the success of the “Crown,” remaining optimistic at points when possible content was limited and always being on top of her game with reminding me about upcoming events that could be covered.

Also, another “thank you” goes out to Dr. Noreen O’Connor, who would always encourage me and commend me on my writing and my willingness to report on campus events. You guys are great! Your great attitude never went unnoticed in my eyes!

My wish is that the “Crown” remains as is: a small, student-driven paper that is accessible to everybody on campus. I hope that the number of staff writers increases in the years to come, and that paper’s content remains relevant, important, sharp, and, overall, well-written.

Thank you guys for providing me with this wonderful opportunity!


Anders Larson


Editor’s Note: Every year, the “Crown” allows its graduating seniors a chance to write a farewell and to be recognized for their work. We would like to thank Anders for all his work this year. It was a pleasure to have him on the staff, and we’re grateful for his positive attitude and all of his efforts to help make the “Crown” the best it could be. We wish you the best of luck in the future, Anders!