weddingimdb Kevin Hart and Josh Gad star in this surprisingly funny comedy about a groom who needs to find people to be in his wedding party.

“The Wedding Ringer” was a film that I never expected to enjoy, never mind one that I’d recommend to others.

After cracking up while watching the movie’s star, Kevin Hart, perform hilarious skits on “Saturday Night Live,” I was excited to see the new comedy. However, then I saw Hart’s mediocre lip sync battle attempt on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” and was less excited.

I still took the walk down to the movie theater to catch a showing with no expectations. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that really enjoyed the film and I found myself boisterously laughing at the movie’s comedic duo of Kevin Hart and Josh Gad.

“The Wedding Ringer” tells the story of a young, newly-engaged man (Gad) who has no suitable friends to be in his wedding party. Out of embarrassment and pride, he goes to the wedding ringer (Hart) to create the illusion that he has friends to spare. Hart specializes in finding friendless grooms companions for their special wedding day.

Hilarity is supposed to ensue, and the real surprise is that it actually does.

I was shocked to find the film almost touching, detailing a good story about friendship.

Hart and Gad create an unlikely comedy duo that blends both of their types of humor seamlessly into an unexpected and hilarious experience for the audience.

Hart definitely regained my appreciation with “The Wedding Ringer,” and Gad proved his comical prowess, showing that he is much more than the voice of Olaf the snowman from Disney’s “Frozen.”

From a sidesplitting dance routine to a drug induced party, all of the scenes in the film had something that made me laugh. And I wasn’t alone.

The theater was filled with uproarious laughter as Hart and Gad experienced the events leading up to the wedding.

“The Wedding Ringer” is definitely not going to win any awards or critical acclaim, but if you’re looking for a good movie that will make your belly ache with laughter I highly recommend this film.