Donations to the PA program’s Toys for Tot drive were distributed throughout the Wyoming Valley. Jaclyn Beck

Students in the physician’s assistant program had a busy and rewarding end to the winter 2014 semester.

The PA students in he classes of 2015, 2016 and 2017  banded together to collect toys  for the Marine Corps. Toys for Tots program through a campus-wide donation drive. The toys were then distributed throughout the Wyoming Valley through Toys for Tots.

Angela Bahlatzis, an alumna of the PA program, poses with a snowman while stationed in Kuwait. Jaclyn Beck

Jaclyn Beck, a PA student in the class of 2016, is grateful for everyone’s support.

“We want to thank the campus community who donated so generously to the cause,” Beck said.

In addition to the donation drive here at home, the students sent a care package to a physician’s assistant alumna, Angela Bahlatzis, who is serving as an Army physician’s assistant in Kuwait.

“Although we’re enrolled in a vigorous and demanding program, it is important to take the time and remember the men and women who serve and protect our country, putting their lives on the line and allowing us to have the freedoms which we enjoy each day,” Beck said.