Catherine Hughes standing with friend in front of King's College. "Photo Credit: Catherine Hughes"

Catherine Hughes, an Irish exchange student from the 2010-2011 academic year, recently spent some time back on the King’s campus and was happy to reminisce about her semesters spent in Wilkes-Barre.

Hughes describes staying in dorms as “a big massive slumber party.” Though at first she thought it would be scary, living on campus was one of her favorite experiences at King’s.

In Ireland, dorming is much different, so it was a new and exciting experience for her.

She also said classes are run extremely different in Ireland and that she really enjoyed how personable instructors and students were in her classes at King’s.

“In Ireland, you’re a number, not a name,” Hughes said.

She added that her classes sometimes have over 600 students.

“I really like that King’s has a small campus and you can get to know your teachers personally,” Hughes said.

Though she is always happy to be in America studying or just visiting, there were a few things she missed from home. She missed the style and the more carefree social life in Ireland.

It was a big change for her coming to the states.

Hughes also finds the differences in language hilarious. Hughes once asked her roommate for a “torch” and her roommate seemed very confused about her request, but Hughes was simply asking for a flashlight.

However, there were a few differences Hughes really loved like the change in weather and the fact that she had her first snow day ever during her stay at King’s.

When Hughes first got back to Ireland last year, she was happy to see that nothing changed.

Upon arriving, she immediately went to her favorite Indian restaurant and Hughes said that ethnic food is much better in Ireland than the United States.

Hughes loves to travel and tries to do it as often as possible. She was visiting America as part of her trip to Holland, where she is now currently studying abroad. She loved studying abroad at King’s so much that she wanted to do it again in another country.

Hughes believes that everyone should take the opportunity to study abroad and considered a wonderful experience.