The students of King’s College generally love our school and the sense of community it provides. However, a regular point of complaint within the student body has been the school’s parking policy.

Commuter parking in particular is in dire need of re-structure. Personally, the complaints I have and have heard from others are as follows:


– The lots do not have enough security cameras or lighting and are located in areas where crime and theft have occured.


– There are not enough parking spaces for all of the students. Students sometimes arrive early in order to obtain a parking space.


– The lots are not fenced in, so people from outside the King’s College community can walk in and among our vehicles.


– Paying two dollars a day to park in the lots is unrealistic for students with financial burdens.


– A single parking lot attendant is not sufficient in maintaining the safety of the lots; the King’s Cash lot does not even have an attendant.


Rather than continuing the inconvenient system of two dollars a day to use the ill-lit and unsafe commuter parking lots, it would be much smarter to pay a lump sum of money for a parking pass in the beginning of the academic year for everyday use of the lots.

A parking fee could even be included in yearly tuition for students who choose to purchase one. This would alleviate much of the financial burden placed on students by paying ten dollars a week, every week. Due to students’ sometimes unpredictable finances, it is far easier for us to pay a larger amount of money once than to try to find small amounts of money to pay every day.

Furthermore, because students sometimes feel unsafe walking back and forth to the lots, the use of security cameras, or even a more highly patrolled security system in the parking lots would be beneficial.

It is detrimental to our academic careers and mental health to constantly worry about the welfare of our vehicles in lots that are in such dangerous areas.

A reform of the parking policies to address student safety concerns would help make King;s a more happy and fulfilling environment for all students.