Joe Hill’s novel, “Horns,” will hit the big screens on Halloween. The film adaptation stars Daniel Radcliffe as the main character, Ignatius Perrish.

Here’s why you should go out and pick up a copy of Joe Hill’s novel, “Horns:”


1)         Where else can you find a dark fantasy novel that knows exactly how to make your skin crawl, your breath catch and ease you back into rational behavior like nothing ever happened?


2)         It’s October—horror and all things pertaining are the Flavor of the Month. Where better to find it than from the son of Stephen King (Besides the King himself…)?


3)         This coming Halloween welcomes the film adaptation of the novel to the big screen, starring Daniel Radcliffe as Ig Perrish.


True to the novel’s namesake, Ignatius Perrish awakens one morning to find he has grown a set of horns. These horns surface after a drunken night visiting the spot where his late girlfriend, Merrin Williams, was killed.

First he wonders if they are psychosomatic, then he wonders if the hallucination is induced by a tumor. He eventually finds that these horns give him a certain influence over other people. Ig can now coax them into doing things, the deepest most morose things they’ve thought of at one time or another.

“Horns” explores a conflict that we all have on a day-to-day basis. Who are people, really? Hill writes, “You think you know someone. But mostly you just know what you want to know.”

Don’t we do exactly that? Isn’t this why there’s so much surprise when that seemingly sweet neighbor boy runs down your cat? We make molds of the people we know, ones we don’t expect them to break out of, and if they do—they become an entirely new person, foreign to us. Hill finds the twisted beauty of this, and lets Ig play out the possibilities of what happens when someone can see who a person really is.

“Horns” will be released as a movie on Oct. 31, but do not let the “easy way out” keep you from reading the novel.

As with nearly every film adaptation, a lot is going to be left out. Before you go see the movie, make sure you read the book. Don’t let yourself miss out on the wonderful concoction of dark humor and morbid plot, with just the right touch of crime and star-crossed romance, that is this novel.