In college students have a variety of things to focus on: schoolwork, sports, clubs, volunteer work, jobs, internships, etc. Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, you can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility you have as a college student.

Here are some basic tips to help you and your friends have a less stressful, and more manageable school year.


  1. Organize books based on when you need them. Keep all books for your Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes in one place, and keep your books for Tuesday and Thursday in a different place.

Women who dorm: Keep your MWF books in the first drawer of your desk, and your TTH books in the second drawer

Men who dorm: Keep your MWF books on your first shelf, and your TTH books on your second shelf.

  1. Check your email accounts and Moodle every single day
  2. Check the g-drive and Moodle for power point slides posted by your professor, and print them out so you can take notes directly on them.
  3. Remember to save your work to your personal folder when working on a school computer (the folder with your name). If you don’t, your homework will be deleted!
  4. Always email your homework to yourself whenever you finish it. This allows you to easily access it and print it out if you leave it at home. It also prevents you from losing your work if you do it on a school computer and forget to save it to your personal folder. (Create a folder in your email account for the homework you email to yourself)
  5. Go to the Writing Center to have your essays proofread!
  6. Go to the tutoring center or your professor as soon as you need help with an assignment or any material learned in class.
  7. Take online practice quizzes before exams.
  8. Buy a wall calendar to write down when assignments are due.
  9. Participate as much as possible, because participation is usually factored into your overall grade.
  10. Check your syllabus for homework assignments, due dates and grading rubrics.
  11. Eat healthy foods that help with memory retention! (Fruits, vegetables, fish)
  12. Get plenty of sleep and exercise so you can stay healthy and stay focused!
  13. Make sure you set your alarm before you go to sleep.
  14. Join clubs or activities to meet new people and build your resume!