Everyone loves a good carnival. There is an excitement that fills the air and it makes you feel like a little kid again. Everyone enjoys the rides, food and let’s not forget the one thing that carnivals are known for – games, which usually involve some sort of activity in order to win a prize. You may have to spin a wheel, or throw balls at a target.

Fish were given away as prizes at the student celebration for Fr. Ryan’s inauguration. These small, defenseless creatures were placed in bowls and shot at with ping pong balls.

A gold fish too big for its bowl. "Photo Credit: Stockphotos"

The bowls that the fish are placed in are far too small to house a living creature. In a few cases, to provide an incentive, two fish were placed in one bowl to provide for a greater prize.

Goldfish grow to be 6-10 ins. long and unless removed from those bowls, the fish would die. This poses the question:  are those who run the booths responsible for the death of these fish?

I’m sure that those people aren’t intentionally killing the fish, but they play a large part in their deaths.

Like with any pet, you must be educated and want to care for the pet.

There are a few facts that should be known if you plan on committing to winning a fish as a prize.

These fish need to have large tanks where they can swim and continue to grow. The fish could quickly outgrow those tiny bowls.

If their water is not filtered, the fish need to have their water changed every few days. If using tap water, drops must be added to remove the harmful chemicals that can kill the fish. It is best to use bottled water or pre-filtered water.

Goldfish need to be fed with flakes that can be found at almost any store. Unfortunately, many fish just sit in a student’s room, slowly starve and eventually die.

People are unaware of how to care for their fish and only take on the responsibility of owning a fish because they are excited to win a prize at the carnival.

Next time you try to sink that ping pong ball into a bow filled with goldfish, think about how it would feel if someone was throwing ping pong balls at you.