McBeth, president, co-founder, and CEO of Next Century Corporation, visits King’s College.

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013, Mr. John McBeth visited King’s College through the office of career planning to speak about his professional journey and his lessons on how to approach a professional career. Mr. McBeth is the president, co-founder, and CEO of Next Century Corporation. Next Century – a company that works with technology to assist first responders, warfighters, and intelligence analysts – was founded after the events of 9/11. Up until this time, he had been working for a venture capital firm called DigitalNet, a company focused building mobile apps. Mr. McBeth’s job at this company was to find other companies to buy, and his first opportunity presented itself on Sep. 11 at the CTIA Conference in San Diego. However, when his assistant recommended a flight that was going out early that morning from Dulles, he decided that he did not want to wake up so early, and instead took a flight out the previous night. The next morning, Sep. 11, 2001, he woke up to discover that the flight he declined was the one that crashed into the pentagon.

The conference was, of course, a bust. So, shocked and worried like most people on that terrible day, Mr. McBeth rented a car to drive home to be with his family. It was during this drive that he decided to do something to change the country and make it safer. He believed that the information necessary to prevent 9/11 was out there somewhere; it had not gotten to the people who could have prevented the attacks. So in early 2002, he created Next Century Corporation with a mission to “protect the country and save lives by getting information to those who need it exactly when they need it.”

Additionally, John McBeth is the founder and leader of DreamBuilders, an interfaith community of teens and adults that builds and restores homes for those in need, active since 2002. The idea for this non-profit organization started when Mr. McBeth was on a parish retreat with his Maryland church. During a group discussion activity, he mentioned that his passions were to “build stuff and work with teens.” Lucky for him, the head of the Youth Group heard him, and soon approached him with an opportunity. She proposed that he accompany her and a group of eight teens and four adults to West Virginia, where they would be working for Habitat for Humanity to build houses. Mr. McBeth agreed to go, and found the experience to be so rewarding that he wanted to continue doing it. Within a year, he was traveling with a group of 52 people back from West Virginia. Today, seven different churches and a Jewish synagogue make up DreamBuilders. His goal, he said, is to gather a team of 500 people who will always be ready and willing to do to different parts of the world to build houses.

John McBeth has come a long way and has achieved many accomplishments throughout his life. He believes anyone can have a successful career if they set their minds to it. His advice to those who are career searching or beginning life-long careers is simple. “Pick a destiny,” he said. “Make sure it is a great purpose that you are passionate about. Then, just start talking about it.” The more you talk, he said, the more opportunities will present themselves. By willfully pursuing your destiny, you will be well on your way to live a happy and successful life.