Students have snowy fun at King's. Photo Credit: King's College Marketing and Advertising
Students have snowy fun at King’s. Photo Credit: King’s College Marketing and Advertising

Choosing the right college can be tedious and nerve-racking for high school seniors. They choose a particular college for numerous reasons. Some choose one for sports and academics while others are attracted to size, atmosphere and location.

The King’s College Plunge Program provides high school seniors who are planning on attending college and are interested in living on campus the chance to do so for a night. This program is an opportunity for those who would like to have the full experience of staying overnight with a current King’s student Plunge host and observe 1-2 classes the next day. The Plunge Program starts from January and lasts until mid- March.

“The purpose of the program is to give a prospective student the opportunity to see why other students chose King’s College and what they do or don’t like about it,” said Jared Menghini, the supervisor of the King’s College Plunge Program since 2006 and the senior assistant director of admissions.

The Plunge Program consists of various campus activities starting in the evening and ending at midnight.

In the past, the Plunge hosts have taken students to see King’s theatre productions, a movie at Movies 14, bowling at Chacko’s and snow tubing at SnoMountain.

On Friday, Jan. 26,  the first night of the Plunge Program, 15 Plunge hosts took their students to Chacko’s Bowling Ally from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. Afterwards, they ended the night by watching a movie, eating pizza from Rodano’s and playing various board games such as Apples to Apples and UNO until midnight.

The hosts must attend every activity with their student. “This helps keep structure within the program and helps the prospective students get the most out of the night,” Menghini said.

At the beginning of the spring semester, anyone who lives on campus is able to apply to be a plunge host. Students must be living in on-campus housing to be a host for the Plunge Program. Most hosts are underclassman, living in Esseff and Holy Cross Hall. Some hosts are students living in Flood, O’Hara Hall and Alumni Apartments because there are occasionally junior transfer students who attend Plunge nights.

Last year the program had 48 hosts. Hosts get paid $25 dollars in King’s Cash for every night they host.