The Gym was dedicated on Oct. 5. (Angela Coco)

It is no secret that it was nearly impossible to play a game of pick-up basketball in the Scandlon Gymnasium if there were any sports in-season. However, after the dedication of the new gym on Oct. 5, King’s students now have an opportunity to exercise without the continual inconvenience of others using the facility.

This newly created space allows for more intramural sports, as well as non-sports teams to come and actively participate in a variety of recreational activities.

“I love the new gym,” said junior Julian Negron. “It’s great to finally have a gym to play basketball in. I love the space there is and that you can hook up an iPod to the loudspeaker.”

Chris Kempinski, an avid basketball player, loves the new gym. “I like the available space for more students to be able to play basketball whenever they want,” he said.

Not only does the new gym provide space for activities, it also allows room for offices and clinic rooms for athletic trainers. The first floor is specifically designed for athletic training majors and allows for classroom learning and much more.

However, some students were expecting something a little more than what was built. Many wished the track was bigger, or at least that it would be rubberized.

Kempinski wishes more sports were represented. “They should have an area for baseball batting cages.”

No matter the different aspects that many students hoped the new gym to have, it can be said that the gym expansion definitely scored points with a majority of the King’s College students.