With a bevy of recent injuries that have been plaguing the Men’s Swimming team since early preseason, the Women’s Swimming squad representing King’s College has done nothing more than strike fear in the hearts of unsuspecting opponents.

The biggest problem for the Women’s Swimming team came in the face of only having a 12-woman roster. The average roster size for a Division III Swimming team is usually around 18-25 per squad. However, in the face of adversity the women’s team still stands strong.

“I think our first half of the season went really well. Being a small team with only 12 girls, we swam some great races,” sophomore freestyle and butterfly swimmer Macawley Brown said. “Hopefully we can continue that in the second half of the year and see some more best times, personal records for the team and more wins.”

The 2012-2013 regular season for the Lady Monarchs has been electrifying compared to the starts in previous seasons. The women have swum to a 5-2 overall record, most recently falling to Hood College by 2 points (100-98), but still one of the best complete records at King’s this season.

Coach Matthew Easterday was enthralled with the way the team has performed this early into their campaign.

“We’re swimming fast early on in the season,” he said. “We’re competing with the teams that we’ve swum so far, the best start we’ve ever had on the women’s side. I never like to look at pros and cons as a whole. Are we swimming well early in the season? Are we in shape? And I think the answers to those are yes.”

Even though the women are thriving in the first semester of the season, there are bigger tests to face coming down the stretch heading towards the Middle Atlantic Conference Championships.

Beleaguered with conference powerhouses Albright College and Widener University in the second half of the season, the Lady Monarchs need to win two more meets to finish .500 for the season.

Among the early success of the season, the women’s team also broke a school record in the process. Junior Patricia Manning became the first female swimmer in King’s College history to receive the honor of being named the “MAC Conference Swimmer of the Week.”

“It’s really an honor and I’m excited to have it,” Manning said. “I didn’t actually know you get nominated for it. It’s just exciting and hopefully I can continue this success for myself and this team as we look forward to the second half of the season.”

“Trish the Fish” is commonly bellowed throughout the Scandlon Swimming Mezzanine when she takes the blocks. Her name is usually chanted, as are the names of the rest of the swimmers from start to finish.

Finishing their impressive start to the season, the entire Monarch Swimming team heads toFloridafor an intense practice session that will prepare them for the remaining meets before the postseason.