New York Cityis a tourist’s mecca. Whether it is window-shopping on Fifth Ave., taking in art at the Met or searching for the finest slice of pepperoni pizza, New York is filled with attractions affordable on every budget. On Dec. 1 King’s College is hosting a day trip into the city to see the Nutcracker Ballet. Before the show begins students will get a few hours to enjoy the sights. Below are some affordable activities that are sure to make those hours fly by.

1)     Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo, located in the southeast corner of Central Park, is a great way to spend an hour. For $10 you can see attractions such as the Central Gardens and Sea Lion exhibit, the Polar Circle’s polar bear and theTemperate Territory exhibit containing Snow Monkeys and Red Pandas.

2)     Museum of Modern Art

At just $14 for admittance, the MoMA is one of the most notable modern art museums in the country. Special displays and collections in December include: Edvard Munch and his famous “Scream” painting, the Quay Brothers and “Project 98,” which experiments with anti-modern poetry on politics and war.

3)     Grand Central Station

Step into your favorite movie. Located at 42nd St. and Park Ave., this landmark terminal was built in the early 20th century and has been featured in many famous movies throughout the decades. While visiting, look for famous sights such as the sculptures of Hercules, Mercurius and Minerva, as well as the Tiffany glass clock. 

4)     Katz’s Deli

If you are a big food buff, Katz’s Deli is one place that you must try before leaving New York. Known for its over-the-top food portions, Katz’s is your place to get pastrami on rye that is thicker than your calculus textbook. Katz’s is located on 205 East Huston St.

5)     St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Construction of St. Patrick’s Cathedral began in 1858, and the church opened its doors in 1879. The remarkable gothic architecture greatly contrasts the straight lines and smooth edges of the surrounding skyscrapers. Inside, the walls are adorned with beautiful religious images and icons of famous scenes from the Bible. Admittance to the church is free.