The 10th Annual Invitational Emerging Artists Exhibition is being held at King’s College from Nov.12 to Dec. 14. Over 40 local high school students have taken part in this exhibit. The artists come from 16 different high schools and range from grades 9 through 12. The students have submitted various art projects, which were constructed with a vast array of techniques.

Each student was carefully chosen by an experienced panel of judges. Some of the criteria that these young artists had to meet were an exceptional artistic ability as well as having already been presented with an artistic award for their work.

When viewing the art, it can be noticed that there are a lot of different approaches taken by each artist. Some felt that they would go with a more traditional piece, like a nature scene. Forests, sunsets and beaches were a popular choice. Others chose to depict still life, such as livestock and people, in their work. Some even decided to express their creative side by making abstract pieces.

While there is a variety of art on display, there are also a variety of techniques that the artists used to construct their works. Each creation had its own process of evolution behind it. Paint seemed to be the most common medium used. But, upon a closer look at the art, one can notice the use of colored pencils, oils, pastels and even pens. From a distance, the train picture, featured in the gallery, looks as if it were painted carefully onto a canvas. On closer inspection, the chosen medium is revealed to be simply a pen and a piece of paper.

On Nov. 16, 2012 the art exhibit held a “Meet the Artists” night. Here, the artists, family, friends, local residents and anyone interested in the exhibit were allowed to attend the gallery.

Most of the people who attended this event were “blown away.” A local Wilkes Barre resident and King’s alumni simply couldn’t be more proud of her daughter’s art work. She said. “My daughter has always been really creative. Even since the time she was born, she loved to draw. To see her art here on display makes me very proud.”

While the parents and families of the artists were excited, some students were a bit more modest. One student said, “I think it’s great that I was chosen. My family keeps making a big fuss over it, but I just like doing what I love.”

The 10th Annual Invitational Emerging Artists Exhibition will continue on until Dec. 14.