The box office has been satiated with thrillers, horror stories and spooky animated toons in the weeks leading up to Halloween, leaving viewing options limited for date night. While films in other genres are sparse, many currently available dramas and comedies have been given two thumbs-up by critics.

“Pitch Perfect” is one comedy that is getting viewers to laugh out of their seats and onto the floor. Set around an a capella singing competition, the film layers what is popularly perceived as the banal, nerdy and slightly retro with witty humor and Top 40 music, making it highly enjoyable for all.

“Pitch Perfect” shines a light on a type of music that is not present in today’s pop culture. Competitors of the a capella competition busted a beat to well-known songs such as “I Saw the Sign” and “Titanium.” A mashup, or blending of two songs, was created for recent favorites “Just the Way You Are” and “Just a Dream,” and were given a standing ovation by audience members. Applause throughout the theater was heard numerous times during the film, showing just how engrossed the audience was in the storyline.       

What makes this film different from other comedies is its well developed set of characters. While most comedies mask the lack of dimensionality of their characters with outlandish storylines and over-the-top animation, “Pitch Perfect” molds each individual character, giving them flaws, quirks and back stories before throwing them into the story. This gives the movie greater depth and adds a sense of familiarity. These people could be members of your own family, a friend or someone from school.

The cast includes Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson and Skylar Austin. While the movie was written around Kendrick’s character, Beca, Wilson’s portrayal of Fat Amy stole the show. Wilson’s semi-seriousness throughout her outrageous one-liners consistently sent the audience into fits of laughter. Just the nonchalant way she presents herself as “Fat Amy,” as if she has gotten used to the taunting throughout her life takes her to another level of funny.

“Pitch Perfect” is great for all—no over-singing, not too much drama and not overly moronic like most comedies today. Next date night, don’t go for the obvious film of the season. Change it up.