(Photo courtesy of villageoflexington.com)

It’s that time again. The presidential election season is full steam ahead, and with everyone debating who the better candidate is, we can forget some very important information that affects all life forms on this planet. Where does your candidate stand on the environment, and can they make the world a better place to live?

Gov. Mitt Romney’s stance is to act upon the Keystone XL Pipeline. This pipeline would connect theU.S.oil supply toCanada. It is no secret that there is a strain on relationships with theMiddle East, which keeps in constant jeopardy the issue of purchasing their oil. But by importing oil fromCanada, that strain would no longer be an issue for theUnited States. The pipeline could also produce an abundance of jobs for Americans. However, everything comes with a price. The Keystone XL Pipeline would run through water tables, wildlife refuges and fisheries. A small leak could devastate the delicate ecosystems surrounding the pipeline.

President Obama’s record proves him to be more of an active environmentalist.  Many environmentalists had high hopes in the 2008 election for the president becoming “the environmentalist savior.” However, his 2011 reform that got rid of rules that were overly “burdensome, redundant or inconsistent” demolished his pledge on lung-tarnishing smog. This would have tightened regulation on carbon emissions produced by large companies.

Each candidate stresses the importance of creating new jobs. President Obama states that creating clean energy technology will open up jobs in theUnited Statesinstead of overseas. Gov. Romney’s stance is that traditional natural resources have “remarkable job-creating potential.”  He does support renewable resources, just not at the price of the traditional resources.

This election is unlike any other. With the price of gas continually rising and the economy in such turmoil, it would be unwise to not investigate what each candidate stands for on the environment.  The next president has the power to either help to heal the planet or to deal it a death stroke. For more information on what each political party stands for, visit www.ontheissues.org/environment.htm.  Make your vote count and vote green.