Nearly four years ago, many of us took a gamble on Sen. Barack Obama. He inspired a new generation to get involved in the political process. Four years later, I’m asking you to take that gamble again and allow the president to finish what he started.

The fact remains that some people are better off than they were four years ago and some are worse. Many Americans are out of work and we’re facing a tremendous deficit. Many of us feel alienated from American government and we may have lost trust in President Obama. However, his promise of change and hope still resonates with me today.

In his first term, the president did a great deal to unite us and help the American dream flourish. He has created the most manufacturing jobs in a decade. “Obamacare” ensures that all Americans receive health coverage, strengthens Medicare and puts women in control of their own health. Abroad, President Obama has ended the war in Iraq and as the director of the operation to kill Osama bin Laden, he has severely weakened al-Qaeda. Setting politics aside, he’s reached out to members of the Republican Party to join in the conversation of what’s best for America. For me, all of those accomplishments mean change and hope.

There are those who may insult the president or criticize his message, but we have to believe. We keep moving forward. There are those who may not like the progress the president has made. They may be more interested in their own profits than the best interests of the American people.

At the end of the day, we may not be able to sway voters and convince them to support the president, but I know I remain committed. I encourage others to join us. In addition to change and hope, remember President Obama’s latest battle cry: forward. Let us keep moving forward for the next four years and beyond.