The 2012 presidential election is going to be a crucial turning point in American history. With the November election drawing near, it is important for all citizens to voice their opinion by casting their vote.

Republican nominee Mitt Romney has the knowledge and determination to putAmericaand its people first. As former governor ofMassachusettsand a businessman himself, Romney knows what characteristics one must possess to succeed. He knows that with success comes great responsibility. However, this responsibility is not only to himself, but also to the citizens and to the nation as well. He plans on fulfilling this responsibility by following a structured five-point plan that he and his staff have devised.

The plan consists of the five major components that are the most prevalent and pressing issues our country faces. Romney wants to: achieve energy independence, increase exporting to other countries, stabilize continued education, decrease the national deficit and increase the growth of small businesses. But Romney also faces other issues such as taxes, spending, foreign policy and health care.

These topics are of great concern to many Americans because President Barack Obama has increased taxes and spending. Now citizens are pondering exactly how Mitt Romney will fix this. He proposes logical and efficient solutions to each individual topic. Two such solutions are: generating revenue and decreasing programs that create debt. By doing this, everyone will benefit instead of just a select few, like what has happened in President Obama’s term.

Before you head to the polls in November, ask yourself, “Which candidate is more qualified for this position?” I bet many will recognize Republican candidate Mitt Romney as the appropriate choice.