The King’s College Diversity Student Council will host Diversity Week from Oct. 22-26.

Diversity Week gives students the opportunity to participate in numerous events that help teach them the importance of accepting people with different backgrounds and assimilating them into society. Senior Kaitlin Murphy, a member of the Diversity Student Council, said the event is important because it helps people grow as individuals.

“America is a melting pot, and we must always remember that by accepting new ideas so we will continue to grow as a culture,” she said.

The events that will take place during Diversity Week include trying new and authentic food from other countries, listening to different cultural music and learning to be committed when it comes to accepting people, regardless of their identities and origins.

Murphy said that although the week is important, diversity goes much deeper than just remembering it on a specified week. “I want students to be aware that narrow mindedness and social stigmas still exist to this day,” she said, also mentioning how she witnessed this first-hand on campus.

“The Q&A Club was hosting a day of silence to help counteract bullying within the community, and as I was in class, I witnessed students laughing and making jokes about the event,” said Murphy.

She wants everyone at King’s to know that the college offers a club for everyone regardless of their race, gender and sexual orientation.

“I hope this week will help students realize that by participating in these events, you will be opening your eyes to something new and helping to defeat cultural division,” said Murphy.