psych 1 King’s Students Present and Win at Psychology Conference

King’s College psychology students won the best undergraduate research award at the Pennsylvania State Psychological Association conference. This past year students completed four projects and were able to present them at the conference. Dr. Robert Butler believes it’s very important to go to graduate school if you want a career in psychology. “We have a
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‘Alive and Loud’ Kicks Off its First Event of the Academic Year

On Thursday, Sept. 11, ‘Alive and Loud’ (‘A&L’)hosted its first event of the 2014-2015 academic year. The event featured two King’s students, Wilton “Diego” Curiel and Jessica Lange, who both presented a short talk to the 65 students that were in attendance that evening. The crux of the event focused on the question “How have
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blogcon2 NEPA BlogCon to Come in October

NEPA BlogCon, the area’s only blogging and social media conference, will be held on Oct. 11, 2014 at Misericordia University. NEPA BlogCon is coming around for its third year after receiving excellent feedback and sold-out audiences in the past two years. This year, there is a new format, new presenters and the event is benefiting
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New Executive Director of Safety and Security at King’s

There are many new changes this year to King’s College, one of which is the newly appointed executive director of safety and security. The college community recently welcomed Gerard “Jerry” Dessoye as the new supervisor of campus security. Dessoye, who is a resident of Wilkes-Barre, graduated from King’s in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in
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WRKC Celebrates Milestone

WRKC’s Radio Home Visitor (RHV) hit a milestone Tuesday, Sept. 2, celebrating its 40 birthday. The RHV is a public service program that airs daily from 10-11am, then again11-12 pm. The program is geared for the visually impaired and homebound, and greatly emphasizes local news and information. The RHV was established in 1974 by Rev.
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Arts & Entertainment

Sawbones500_51 Travel Through the Goofy History of Medicine with “Sawbones”

  Have you ever wondered how people dealt with rabies before a vaccination was created? Did you ever give any thought as to what went into patent medicines back before the FDA existed? Do you know how plastic surgery was performed before plastic was invented? These are just three of the many questions “Sawbones” can
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tommy-ck-copy The Who’s ‘Tommy’ Comes to King’s College

The King’s College Theatre Department is set to perform “The Who’s Tommy” from Wednesday, Oct. 1 to Monday, Oct. 6. The play, written by The Who’s Pete Townshend, tells the story of young Tommy Walker, who becomes deaf, dumb and blind at the age of 4 after he accidentally witnesses a violent, traumatic episode in
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Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney vowed to appeal Obamacare. (newyorker.com) Obamacare and College Students

President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been received by Americans with mixed reviews. Recently, colleges across the country have spoken out against the act, particularly in terms of student health plans and faculty insurance requirements. The ACA, commonly referred to as “Obamacare,” does carry benefits for young adults. Most notably, people in this age
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(Photo courtesy of villageoflexington.com) Where Do the Candidates Stand on the Environment?

It’s that time again. The presidential election season is full steam ahead, and with everyone debating who the better candidate is, we can forget some very important information that affects all life forms on this planet. Where does your candidate stand on the environment, and can they make the world a better place to live?
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Monarchs Prepare for Tough Road Trip vs. No. 23 Lycoming

The road back toward the top of the Middle Athletic Conference has been nothing short of difficult for the Monarch football squad. Coming off a disappointing start to the season, falling to Moravian and losing their home opener against Stevenson, King’s football needs to find a way to bounce back. One of the biggest wins
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King’s Football Off to Slow Start

King’s struggles continued in their home opener against Stevenson as the rain poured down onto Beltzer field Saturday afternoon. The Monarchs failed to find their footing early on the offensive side of the football. Although they moved the ball well, outgaining Stevenson 284 to 163 in total yards, they were unable to execute in the
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