“Agents of Change” and the Man Behind the Camera

  After seven years of being in production, the documentary film “Agents of Change” will certainly have people talking, and wondering why it was so hard to get the appropriate amount of funding it needed. The final product serves as a powerful look at our country’s past struggles with racial inequality, while also portraying the
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Inspiration Behind Carrie Flower

A new type of flower has blossomed. Carrie Flower is a children’s character who was created by Cynthia Post, along with a curriculum that brings forth a new idea for children from birth to third grade. The curriculum was created to encourage children and adults alike to see themselves as flowers in a garden where
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Image courtesy of Brielle Warren Who is Carrie Flower? A Look at the New Children’s Series

Many people experience isolation whether it is due to race, weight, style or handicap. Unfortunately, children are not excluded from isolation. Understanding the importance of teaching our communities’ youth to express self-love and acceptance, Cynthia Post and Mike Garzella visited King’s to introduce an extraordinary doll named Carrie Flower. “Just like we want our flowers
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Image courtesy of Cynthia Post Carrie Flower Takes the Stage in KISS Theatre Production

The lights dim in the auditorium as you hear little feet make their way across the stage. Suddenly, the curtain opens; the smiling faces light up the stage brighter than fireworks on the fourth of July. The children sit in eager anticipation as a sunflower takes the stage and the story of Carrie Flower comes
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Image courtesy of RichSoil Alliance Two King’s College Departments Involved with Local Non-Profits

What do the King’s College Education Department and Mass Communications Departments have in common? They are both currently partnering with the RichSoil Alliance/Carrie Flower Program. According to its website, the “RichSoil Alliance is a group of dedicated individuals serving the community by improving the lives of children and their families.” The Education Department at King’s
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sportslogos.net Not the Desired Turnover – A Recap of Super Bowl 50

Going into Super Bowl Sunday, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton acted like the most confident person on the planet. The key word in that statement, after sitting through Super Bowl 50, appears to be “acted.” As was the case before Super Bowl XL (40), the Most Valuable Players of all of the previous Super Bowls walked
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Celebrating Super Bowl 50: Flynn’s Top 10 Super Bowls

  The most watched annual event around the world celebrates its golden anniversary with Super Bowl 50 on February 7th. Let’s take a look back at the other forty-nine editions of the championship game of the highest level of football. There were many great Super Bowls that failed to make the list, but these games
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Arts & Entertainment

darkhorse.com Comic Review: The Snarky, Supernatural World of “Joe Golem”

Every time I come across a Mike Mignola comic, a pang reverberates through the DC Comics-loving layer of my heart, since Mignola pitched his most famous work “Hellboy” to DC who rejected the series, only to let it be picked up by Dark Horse, which then landed it two films and Ron Perlman. So who’s
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Image courtesy of Chris Natale Activity Spotlight: Comic Book Club Packs a Punch!

The members of the King’s College Comic Book Club are as colorful, energetic, and diverse as the comics the group is based around. It is one of the newer groups on campus having been established a year ago, yet it has already managed to acquire many active participants. “It exists in order to provide an
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Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney vowed to appeal Obamacare. (newyorker.com) Obamacare and College Students

President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been received by Americans with mixed reviews. Recently, colleges across the country have spoken out against the act, particularly in terms of student health plans and faculty insurance requirements. The ACA, commonly referred to as “Obamacare,” does carry benefits for young adults. Most notably, people in this age
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(Photo courtesy of villageoflexington.com) Where Do the Candidates Stand on the Environment?

It’s that time again. The presidential election season is full steam ahead, and with everyone debating who the better candidate is, we can forget some very important information that affects all life forms on this planet. Where does your candidate stand on the environment, and can they make the world a better place to live?
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